Video: The people, the memory, the why we raise money

Short stacks for big change: Come have pancakes with Santa!
October 9, 2018

This is what we raise money for. I always wonder if I’m asking for too much, but then I think of these faces…these faces that my baby girls life is impacting for Jesus.

Look at these faces…these homes…and you’ll understand why I’m always trying to raise money. We teach dance, buy beds, buy food…but most importantly share the hope of Jesus, which is desperately needed.

So when I ask for golf teams, golf sponsorships, birthday donations…its so that we can honor Jesus through the legacy of Eliza Cait. It’s for these people in this video. Eliza Caits birthday is the 28th, I hope you’ll help us celebrate her birthday with a donation to an amazing cause.


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