About Us

When our 10-year-old daughter, Eliza Cait, died, we were devastated. Like most people would, we cried out to God and questioned why an innocent, little girl that was so beautiful inside and out would be taken from this world.

Finding Our Purpose

You see, Eliza Cait loved Jesus. She was a vibrant girl that lived her life with love and compassion for others.

She didn't tolerate bullies at school and took those that needed it under her wing.

She wasn't perfect. None of us are. Eliza Cait, however, was as close to perfect as you could get on earth.

In the aftermath of her death, we've grieved. We haven't stopped. Most days are filled with unbearable sadness.

From that sadness, however, the idea emerged to honor God and our daughter. Through it all, even her death, we've trusted Jesus and his plan. We don't understand it, but we've followed our hearts and what we've been called to do through Him.

We began to think of a way to honor her and make sense of her death. We knew three things. She loved Jesus. She loved her family, friends and all people. She also loved to dance.

She didn't just love those three things, she lived for them. That's when God put this new mission on our hearts after much prayer.

We decided to combine those three things into a new ministry. A ministry that would first and foremost, honor God because that's how Eliza Cait would've wanted it.

The ministry would also expand the legacy and story of our sweet baby girl. We decided that we could use dance to honor Jesus and spread his love around the world.

We never thought about the mission field. Before this moment, it wasn't something that we ever thought God would call us to do.

We were wrong.

God put us down a path where every step has been clear. We know our purpose in life.

That purpose is Bring Light Dance Ministry.

Faith Through Dance

We're going to partner with Chosen Children Ministries and other missions, our dance studio 3D Centre of Arts in Spartanburg, S.C. and potentially other studios, and we're going to travel the world with dance teachers and students with one mission...sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and creating disciples for Him through dance.

And by doing so, we're going to fulfill Eliza Cait's promise of using her story and battle with cancer to change the world.

We hope you'll join us on this journey. We ask that you pray for our ministry. We ask that you join us on a trip. We also ask that you donate to our ministry.

Thank you so much for you interest,

Joey and Erin Millwood